Detailed Specifications

WHAT ARE YOUR DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS? I want to know the technical Stuff?

It’s important to understand that great support and ultimate comfort cannot be drilled down to technical numbers alone like density or ILD ratings. Horsepower alone doesn’t make a car the best in a Formula 1 race.

Building the best mattress possible with the best ingredients involves years of research and testing and a great deal of trial and error in the blending of technologies and best components available. This is much like baking a cake, you need the best ingredients but it is the precise quantities in the exact order that makes the best most consistent product. We have built hundreds of different prototypes until we perfected the right balance of quality and most importantly support and comfort for everybody. These ultra-premium components in the exact proprietary combination is our secret formula and your guarantee of healthy restful sleep.

All HaveN's features 3 layers of very different Certi-PUR-US certified foam and a very unique covering material.

Here is the make up of our Rejuvenate 10

The technical makeup of our foams, the exact densities (Lbs per ft3) and ILD's (firmness ratings) are proprietary. This is our secret recipe. Density has always been a measure of durability with regard to foams. The denser a foam the more actual weight (more material, less air) the more resilient it’s believed to be. As technology has advanced we have the ability as we are all aware to make things stronger that are actually lighter. It is also true that many mattress companies and foam manufacturers artificially inflate density by adding fillers, sand or silicas, saving them raw material costs and adding zero value to us. We don't use those - quality is paramount.

HaveN uses Hi-Density virgin plant-based foam with certified zero additives or fillers. We call it HD Bio Foam™. The density is higher than all bed-in-a-box mattresses we have tested and we have tested many! The support and durability come from this base foam layer and here you can rest assured that we have it covered!

The base layer is also a blend of natural easily renewable soya oils opposed to strictly oil that is petrochemical based. We are reducing our environmental footprint.

The transitional layer of PuRGel® memory foam is an exclusive blend engineered for HaveN. It is technically a QR (quick response) not SR (slow response) viscoelastic memory foam infused with gel particles. It is durable but inherently twice as breathable as a slow response "denser" memory foam. The Gel particles act as micro heat absorbers.

In our Rejuvenate 10 and 14" LUx, The top comfort layer of NgLatex® is a blended Talalay Latex that uses natural rubber tree sap and synthetic Latex combination. This blend was selected for it's guaranteed consistency and the amazing feeling of bonce.

This comfort layer on the surface with actual gel particles that are made from Soya oils, will never allow the sleep surface of your HaveN to be too cold or too hot.

Our high-end stretch knit top fabric is one of a kind. The very breathable and elastic polyester blend moves with you so that the foam layers and or coils beneath can do what they are supposed to! It is enhanced with two other fantastic fibers to sleep in.

Natural Bamboo affords great anti-microbial traits and is hypoallergenic. Bamboo also adds a luxuriously soft hand-feel and we are once again using natural easily renewable resources..

Choose any model of Haven and it features: No chemical fire retardants, no off-gassing, no off shore production.