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Check out this unpaid, in-depth review by Sleepopolis

*All Havens now feature more advanced cooling technology since this review.

At Haven, we’re very careful to ensure transparency for shoppers. You won't find many video comparisons and reviews online, or our mattresses being chosen for “Top 10” lists. 

Why? Review agencies generally do not disclose their relationship with mattress companies. Often they are paid large commissions on review referrals, without disclosing this. To further blur the lines, some of the largest mattress review sites are owned by the mattress companies themselves.

We consider this to be unfair for shoppers, and so we place much greater value on the thousands of genuine reviews from our paying customers. At Haven, we’ve created a review system that only allows verified customers to post. This ensures that the review you are reading is from a real person who actually bought our products.