Woman sleeping comfortably on a Haven Mattress

To be at your best, your balanced temperature is essential to a great night's rest. That's why in choosing a Haven mattress, you get the benefit of having 5 unique temperature control features to keep you in your Goldilocks zone all night.

  • Vented natural latex  (Exclusive to Rejuvenate 10" and Lux14")
    Latex has a huge tribe of fans. Haven builds on your desire to have the best feeling in sleep materials. This comes from using an organic vented Talalay latex in the top 1" layer. Your Haven will circulate air freely, so there's never a build-up of heat or cold to disrupt your rest
  • Bamboo topper - Selected for superior moisture wicking that at the same time serves to in pulling excess heat away from your body. The result is keeping you warm and dry.
  • Copper-infused top layer Haven blends natural copper into our virgin latex to improve heat transfer and it's also a great anti-microbial.
  • Cool Gel technology
    You sleep deeper when your not tossing and turning. Every Haven has a "transition" layer made of PuRGel memory foam, an open cell foam infused with natural cooling gel making it 2x more breathable than standard memory foam.