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  • 1 x Hybrid mattress  (Split King = 2 Twin XL Mattresses)
  • Choice of Percale or Sateen Bedface sheets
    • 1 x fitted sheet  (Split King = 2 x Twin XL fitted sheets)
    • 1 x flat sheet
    • 2 x pillowcases(Twin/Twin XL=1 pillowcase) 

*Mattress only qualifies for 100-night comfort trial.




  •  100 NIGHT TRIAL

    *Only applies to the mattress


Classic Firmness Haven Sleep Co Chart

Soft contouring with firm and supportive layers. Classic firmness is consistent from head to toe. Ideal for all sleep types.

Comfort & Support

The Rejuvenate delivers a firm sleep surface, and is our most advanced, luxury all-foam and latex mattress. With exceptional cooling technology, pressure-reduction, motion isolation, contouring and support, you’ll wonder why you didn’t choose Haven sooner.

Temperature Control

Bamboo Top Cover

Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource that has incredible benefits. In Haven's top-cover fabric, bamboo lends breathability and moisture-wicking properties, aiding temperature control.

Cool-Gel, Slow Sink Foam

No more disruption in the night from waking up too hot. The Rejuvenate's Cool-Gel layer is a soy-based foam that pulls excess body heat away as you sleep, and provides a cooling, contouring, “sinking” feeling that responds to the sleeper’s shape.

Vented Talalay Latex

Talalay latex is a natural and plant-based, breathable material, sourced from the rubber tree. Fully vented to improve air-flow and infused with real Copper, our latex delivers advanced cooling you won't find in a memory foam bed.  It's also 7 times more breathable than Dunlop latex, making it the most breathable latex available.

Natural Copper

Our Talalay latex is infused with real flecks of Copper. Why? Its high thermal conductivity allows heat to pass through it quickly, making it an excellent addition to our cooling technology.

Open-Cell Foams

Our soy-based, open-cell bio-foams have exceptional ventilation, allowing moisture and heat to escape. Less heat buildup means longer, more restful sleep, and a cleaner sleep environment.

Zoned Support

Havens are all on the firmer side: still contouring and responsive to your shape, but overall supportive to help improve your spine health. Some customers experience a little discomfort at first, but this is completely normal when adjusting to a chiropractic surface. Just like when you start a new fitness regimen, your body is learning new positions for your bones and muscles, and it can take some time to get used to it.

With the engineering of Springwall Chiropractic design, we combine:
  • higher levels of support 
  • customization options for sleep position
  • body-contouring pressure reduction
  • fine-tuning to reduce pressure points
  • proper spinal alignment

    The result? Improved sleep quality, and overall spinal health. Just what the chiropractor ordered!

Natural Latex

Vented Talalay Latex

Talalay latex is a bouncy, pressure-reducing, body-responsive, contouring, and breathable material, sourced from the rubber tree. It’s more supportive, durable, and eco-friendly, and better for sleep health, than fully synthetic alternatives. 

Traditionally, latex mattresses are expensive, and inaccessible for most Canadians. Ours are priced so competitively due to our direct-to-consumer production and non-retail environment overhead.


Provides gentle cushioning and buoyant support, which is beneficial for sleepers with back and joint pain. Contours heavier body parts, such as the hips and shoulders. Has natural bounce and elasticity that helps maintain optimal spinal alignment by gently supporting lighter areas, like the neck and back arch. Fully vented to improve airflow and infused with Copper, our latex delivers advanced cooling you won't find in a memory foam bed.


Offers the most consistent firmness of any latex product. Softer, more buoyant, and more durable and relieves pressure points 10 times better than Dunlop latex. It's 7 times more breathable than Dunlop latex, making it the most breathable latex available.

100 Night Trial 

Since we are exclusively an online company, and you cannot purchase Havens in-store, we offer 100-night trials on our LUX Rejuvenate, Hybrid Eurotop, and LUX Hybrid Pillowtop mattresses.

We know it takes time to get to know your mattress, so we want you to dream on it, play on it, and sleep on it for 100 days. If we can't satisfy your comfort, we'll buy it back for what you paid.

Simply Luxurious Sleep Products

Canadian Chiropractor Association Approved Mattresses

Hand-Made Hybrid Mattress

A simply dreamy sleep brought to you by pressure-reducing Talalay latex, plush plant-based foams, and 1,200 pocket coils for support.

Comfort & Support

The Hybrid is suitable for those seeking a firm yet contouring sleep on their stomach, side, and back.

Premium, Long-Staple Cotton Sheets

Our OEKO-TEX® certified, artisan-made Bedface sheets are the perfect complement to your Haven mattress. Whichever set you choose, they'll continue to improve with each use and wash.


Pamper yourself with a premium 500 thread count Sateen Deluxe Sheet Set. Choose these for a luminous sheen and luxurious, silky-smoothness.


For lightweight comfort, choose the 300 thread count Percale Deluxe Sheet Set. Recommended for hot sleepers.

All Haven Mattresses:

Free Shipping

We cover the shipping costs on all orders in Canada from coast to coast. A surcharge may apply for Northern deliveries; contact us for a custom quote.

Hand-made in Canada

Never mass produced! Our Canadian production team will make your Haven shortly after you order it. A freshly made mattress means no hidden warehouse storage costs, and you won’t end up with a dusty mattress that's been sitting boxed for months.
We believe that buying locally-made furniture products is worth a little extra upfront, but will pay off in better overall experience, and supporting Canadian businesses and workers.

Superior Temperature Control

We use the very best cooling techonology in all of our mattresses. Whichever bed you choose, you'll have a breathable bamboo-blend top cover, cool gel, and soy-based, open-cell bio-foams. These have exceptional ventilation, allowing moisture and heat to escape. Less heat buildup means longer, more restful sleep, and a cleaner sleep environment.

Certified Safe, Eco-Friendly Advantages
  • Breathe easy with our CertiPUR-US certified plant-based foams: 99.99% free of off-gassing, and guaranteed to be free of many unpleasant chemicals, means the air in your home remains safe.
  • By choosing plant sources for our materials, there’s less dependency on the synthetics and petroleum industries.
  • Our shipping is incredibly efficient, and we source recycled and recyclable packaging whenever possible.
  • We partner with Canadian businesses to provide locally sourced materials and products for our store, resulting in a smaller transportation carbon footprint.
10:1 #SafeHaven Mattress Donations

Our #SafeHaven promise: For every10 Havens sold, we donate one mattress to a Canadian charity partner. We truly believe in "better sleep for all", and know that a good night's rest, in a safe and comfortable bed, can make a world of difference for folks in need.

Learn more about our charity partners and donations below.

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