The Science Behind a Better Night's Sleep = Celliant Fiber

by Scott Amis

What is Celliant?

Introduced by Hologenix, LLC, Celliant is an exclusive synthetic fiber made of 13 natural minerals which is combined with polyester resin. Infusion of tissues with Celliant fibers is designed to absorb the energy of the body that can be transformed into infrared energy by changing the wavelength and then reflect in the body. This process improves tissue oxygenation, regulation of body temperature and improves blood circulation - and ultimately helps to improve tissue and decrease minor aches and pains. Celliant is majorly used in athletic apparel, but in recent years the material has also been used in mattress covers.

How is Celliant used?

Celliant offers the benefits of infrared light for all applications where textiles are used. It does not only include the mattress industry but includes clothing, veterinary care, and healthcare. The mineral mixture can be varied to meet the needs of different applications and products.

Celliant can be purchased as raw fiber or embedded in yarns and various fabrics. It includes blends of wool, cotton, spandex, lycra, and nylon.

How Does Celliant Improve Sleep?

Your body can be more effective in increasing blood flow throughout your body. Working at higher levels allows your body to perform maintenance tasks better. Faster healing and pain relief are just some of the major benefits that Celliant creates with this enhanced oxygenation. Celliant uses infrared energy to provide these advantages. As a result, your body will probably not feel that energy. However, over time, you can begin to see these obvious benefits as a result of using a Celliant-infused mattress cover.

Cooling advantages are most interesting that you will probably feel first. Celliant fibers are designed for breathing, preventing heat retention in your mattress. In addition, the conversion of body heat into infrared light directly reduces the sleeping surface of the mattress. Finally, the secondary benefits of infrared light help the body naturally improve indoor temperature control. This combination results in excellent cooling and a much more pleasant sleeping surface.

Due to the way Celliant fibers break into the material, they will not wash off during washing. This is because it is not a spray or application that is applied to the top of the material. Celliant fibers are woven into the fabric like any other textile (polyester, cotton, wool, etc.). As such, they do not pervade or collapse over time.

Celliant Fibers Used in Mattresses Covers?

Celliant is used in mattress covers because this upper layer comes in direct contact with the sleeper’s skin. Mattress covers are never 100% Celliant. Celliant is quite absorbed in a mixture of fabrics made from other fibers, such as polyester. In most cases, Celliant makes about a fifth of the mattress fabric mixture. Luckily, this relatively small amount is more than enough for sleepers to fully experience the fiber’s energy absorbing, converting, and re-emitting properties.

Celliant mattress covers offer some significant benefits for sleepers:

  • The material can help sleepers maintain a consistent circadian rhythm by regulating body temperature, improving oxygenation, and increasing blood flow.
  • Celliant also improves the restfulness of sleep. According to one of the clinical trials (conducted at UC Irvine), the average Celliant sleeper lowered the amount of time they spent awake after falling asleep by more than 18 minutes per night.
  • Furthermore, sleepers with pain and pressure symptoms often recover more quickly after sleeping on Celliant fibers.

Celliant Clinical Trials

Celliant has been put through many trials that were produced by top universities including University of California, Irvine, Texas A&M University, and even international studies by the University of Calgary. To date, Celliant has been third-party verified in over nine clinical trials hosted by various universities and research institutes. These clinical trials have verified that products with Celliant fibers:

  • Increase oxygenation levels in the body
  • Relieve pain
  • Increase comfort
  • Aid in healing (via increased oxygen levels)
  • Better regulate body temperature

Benefits of Celliant Fibers

  • Illumination - Infrared light belongs to the electromagnetic spectrum that naturally appears outside the spectrum of visible light. Most confused infrared light with ultraviolet light. These two are on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Infrared is scientifically and medically proven as a vasodilator. This means that it improves circulation, improves cell vitality, increases oxygen levels in the tissues and regulates body temperature. Doctors usually use infrared light as a therapy for medical conditions such as high blood pressure, muscle tears, congestive heart failure and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Circulation - Infrared light improves the circulation of tissue throughout the body. It provides important nutrients while increasing the oxygen level.
  • Cell Performance and Recovery – A body improves its performance as the cells grow stronger. The Celliant fibers generated the infrared energy that stimulates cell performance and regeneration. Circulation is increased which provides higher amounts of oxygen. An improved cell function relates to a faster healing of injuries, faster termination of pain, and amplification of stamina and endurance.
  • Temperature regulation - The body has its own thermostat. The body heat regulates the circulation system. Celliant helps the body maintain its ideal temperature by optimizing the flow of blood.
  • Better sleep - Clinical trials have shown that beddings using Celliant improve sleep. The pilot study concludes that the thresholds fall on average 15 minutes faster.
  • General Benefits - Customers who buy and use Celliant textile products provide feedback claiming that they have more energy, a better feeling for their well-being and better quality of life.
  • Durability - Celliant does not fade and wear out. Minerals are embedded in the fiber core. Therefore, the Celliant effects do not diminish during washing. The Celliant does not wear out compared to a coated textile.

Where to buy a mattress cover that has celliant?

Haven Mattress Co. is the only place where you can purchase mattress cover that has Celliant woven directly into the fabric. The mattress is long lasting. Sleepers are in close proximity to this for approximately 8 hours a night with the benefit that Celliant will work through 4-5 layers of sheets and fabric among others. This is a passive way to improve health. Haven Mattress Co is FDA and Health Canada certified.

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