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Sleep on a Haven and awaken to a new level comfort, rejuvenation, and well-being. From selecting the finest sustainable and non-toxic materials to ensuring exceptional Canadian craftsmanship, we go the extra mile to provide our customers with a sleep experience that's truly second to none.

Here's why Haven mattresses are the perfect choice for

Proven Comfort & Quality:

Haven has the highest industry re-order rate, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and thousands of 5-star customer reviews.

10-Year Warranty:

Enjoy peace of mind with our 10-year warranty, standing behind the quality and durability of our mattresses.

100-Night Sleep Trial:

Experience the Haven difference firsthand with our risk-free 100-night sleep trial. If
you're not completely satisfied, we'll take care of you.

Free Shipping:

Your convenience matters. Enjoy free shipping on all our mattresses, delivered straight to your doorstep. 


Ultimate luxury and comfort : The plushest look and feel of all Haven’s. A classic pillowtop design meets the modern technology of natural latex. (Available in custom side sleeper with Advanced Pressure Relief).



Unmatched pressure relief : The highest-pressure reduction possible with natural latex and ecofriendly plant-based foam, superior motion dampening, and the most contemporary look of all Haven’s (Available in custom side sleeper with Advanced Pressure Relief).



Modern quality : Combining 1,200 luxury individual pocket coils and natural latex, offering a unique blend of comfort, superior edge support, and innovative design.


What the well rested are saying

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    LUX Pillowtop Classic

    We were wondering how one of these mattress in a box would be without actually trying one first in a store setting. Easy to set up, and I must say a very comfortable mattress. I was concerned about anything with the foam mattress type in that it would flatten out quickly. There have been no complaints thus far, and it sure is nice not waking up in pain each day due to a sagging mattress. We are very impressed with this mattress and the fact that it is made in Canada is even better, along with the fact there was no gassing off and the natural materials that were used. A great product for sure, would highly recommend!

    - Barbara M

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    I have allergies and arthritis! I was looking for an affordable mattress that would give me a good night sleep. This hybrid mattress has been a pleasant surprise. I was looking at the lux mattress but it was a bit over my budget so I purchased the hybrid and it has met all of my expectations. I am sleeping comfortably through the night and I love the fact that it was made in Canada with quality materials. Thank you Haven Sleep Co.

    - Nancy K

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    LUX Pillowtop APR

    Received my new mattress and since the 1st night I have had the best sleep in years. As soon as my head hits my pillow I'm asleep within minutes and before I know my alarm if going off your brand was recommended to me and I will definitely recommend this to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a new mattress I will definitely be purchasing again from Haven Sleep Company so I hope there is a repeat purchaser discount :)

    - Francesca J

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    LUX Rejuvenate

    My husband has been dealing with ongoing back pain every since he fell down the stairs in 2015. On our old mattress, he couldn’t make it through the night without his back hurting and waking him up. He’d toss and turn, which would wake me up as well. Ever since we bought our Haven mattress, he hasn’t had any back pain at all. It’s truly miraculous. This has led to both of us sleeping so much better! My husband is truly so thankful and says he would’ve been willing to spend $10k+ on this mattress for all it’s done for him. It’s truly made a world of difference in our lives.

    - Monica M

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    Hate the mattress that was in our RV. So we shopped around for a high quality bed. 2 Friends of ours have Havens and really talked them up. So we did it !! The mattress came quickly and setup in only a few moments. Tried it out May 24 and it's great. We will be back for more.

    - Peter Z

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