10 Bedroom Storage Solutions

by Dair Rose

Finding stylish ways to forge extra storage space for your bedroom isn’t always easy. While unsightly over-the-door organizers and bulky dressers are of course, always an option, it really pays to use your imagination and get creative when coming up with space-savvy storage ideas.

So to help make your lives a little easier (and a whole lot more organized), we gathered some of the sleekest, most innovative bedroom storage solutions we could find on the web.  Whether wall-mounted or hidden under-the-bed, these ideas are all designed to maximize a storage-deprived room—without breaking your bank account. Read ahead for ten unexpectedly chic ways to streamline your bedroom.

1. Small bookshelves:

Although traditional trunks and nightstands can definitely offer up some extra space for stashing stuff, consider the possibilities of switching one out for a small bookshelf instead.

Not only will you score all sorts of additional storage room—including room for organizing bins, too!—short bookcases are way less bulky than other common bedside furnishings; meaning you won’t close off an already cramped space.

 Image by @natasha_habermann  Image by @natasha_habermann

2. Bedframe and under-bed storage:

If you weren’t already hip to the perks of built-in bed storage, now’s the time to smarten up.Along with offering extra, not to mention hidden, room for storing your essentials insideyour bed—think: platform beds with pullout drawers or a headboard that doubles as a bookshelf—most bedframes offer plenty of space for stashing stuff under the bed as well.And with inexpensive products like compact rolling carts and under-bed bins available to help you make the most of this oft generous space, bed storage is clearly a foolproof way to keep your bedroom organized (while concealing your stuff from plain sight).

3. Seating with hidden storage:

Seating with secret storage is a many splendored thing. Whether it’s a bench filled with extra bedding at the end of your bed or a stool with storage, multifunctional furnishings are a savvy way to stash your stuff.

4. Clothing racks:

Chic and surprisingly affordable, clothes racks are an easy way to stay organized when you're looking for more closet space. Not only are they slim enough to fit just about anywhere in your room, many have wheels so they can move around your entire home with ease.

Whether they are rustic wood, industrial metal, minimalist Scandinavian or handmade - Clothing racks instantly tidy up a room and add loads of character. 

5. Wall-mounted shelves and cabinets:

Whether you opt for a few floating cubbies or a full-blown bookcase, wall-mounted shelving is a stylish way to create more storage room without taking up any valuable floor space. Try installing some near your closet for an artful shoe display or by your bed in place of a regular nightstand.

6. Rods:

Turns out that all you need to forge some extra closet space in your bedroom are a couple of wall brackets and a curtain rod. Simply attach the bracket directly to your wall or ceiling and insert the rod accordingly to score more room for your jackets, purses, and jewelry.

 Image by @ispydiy Image by @ispydiy

7. Ladders:

Sleek and super affordable, organizational ladders are a surprisingly stylish solution for your bedroom. All you have to do is lean one against a wall, and voila: you’ve got room to hang up your high heels, scarves, magazines, and more.

8. Hooks:

Who knew something as simple as a hook could be such a game changer for your bedroom? Whether you hope to hang up your assortment of hats and purses, or some of your necklaces and scarves, coat hooks are a clever (and cheap) way to carve out more storage room while taking advantage of unused wall space.

Even when you think you’ve exhausted all of the storage space in your bedroom, there are still ways to get creative and forge some extra room. Whether it’s with a bookshelf-style headboard or a handful of coat hooks, the web is filled with inventive—and affordable—storage options designed to make organizing your bedroom a whole lot easier.