5 Bedroom Essentials for Fall

by Dair Rose

You don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fanatic to acknowledge the show’s biggest takeaway: Winter is coming. And though you’ve spent much of the spring cleaning and refreshing or lightening and brighten in the summer sun, crisp fall breezes encourage hunkering down and bundling up for the cooler nights ahead. Nowhere is this seasonal approach to design more appropriate than in the bedroom, where we start each morning (hopefully on the right foot) and spend nearly a third of our time. Though most prepare by subbing in comforting flannel linens for crisp cotton, there are lots of ways to make your boudoir feel more comforting for the chilly days that are just around the corner.

Image by @hiltoncarter Image by @hiltoncarter

1. Books

Speaking of curling up, cooler temperatures seem to bring out the bookworm in all of us—call it back-to-school nostalgia, or the desire to rest up after a summer of socializing. Artfully arranged stacks of books on your nightstand, bookshelf, or mantel (if you’re lucky enough to have one) lend an air of coziness that plays off the crisper nights of autumn’s first flush. Plus, you’ll always have something good to read.

2. Layered Rugs

If cool hardwood floors rule in the summer, a plush landing is just the thing for fall. Add cozy texture in any bedroom by layering rugs for a warm, lived-in feel, whether you pair a sheepskin runner over a natural-fiber (think jute or hemp) rug, or a patterned dhurrie over a solid-hued carpet.

3. Candles

While you can’t fake the romance of a fireplace if you don’t have one, you can certainly mimic its warm glow no matter what your bedroom’s limitations are with a ambiance-setting collection of candles. Pair a scented container candle—with a few smaller votives for a sultry display that highlights the season’s quintessential mood.

4. Dark Textiles

While the beginning of the year ushers in pastels and crisp whites, the year’s later months call for deep shades and moody tones. Swap in some indigo or jewel-hued accent pillows on an all-white bed, or opt for charcoal-gray curtains or a crimson throw blanket to tie the palette together throughout the room. Not only will your additions be on-trend for the season, but your darker palette will also help foster deep sleep and create a cocooning effect perfect for hibernating.

Image by @nabalo Image by @nabalo

5. Cozy Throws

Nothing does that better than adding a cashmere throw to the foot of your bed, over the arm of a reading nook chair, or wherever you feel the urge to curl up.