6 Meditation Apps For a Stress-Free Holiday Season

by Dair Rose

If you weren’t already hip to the benefits of meditation, now’s the time to smarten up. Along with helping you sleep better at night, meditating—even for just a few minutes a day—can keep your stress levels down and increase your focus throughout the day.  

Since keeping cool throughout the chaos of the holidays can be tough, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite meditation apps to help you stay calm throughout the season. So read ahead for six soothing phone apps that will take you from zero to Zen in no time.

1. Calm

If you’re new to meditating and looking to build healthier lifestyle habits as you learn,Calm is the app for you. Filled with guided meditations that cover a range of topics including gratitude and concentration, the $12.99 USD-a-month app also has dozens of soothing nature sounds on hand to help you relax at a moment’s notice (or say, in a long department store line).

2. Headspace

A self-proclaimed “gym membership for the mind,” Headspace features guided meditations that last anywhere from two minutes to an hour on topics ranging from anxiety to relationships. They even offer a free ten-day trial, so you can learn the ropes and track some of your progress before committing to the $12.99 USD a month program.

3. The Mindfulness App

Touted as “Meditation for Everyone” the Mindfulness App is perfect for people who don’t have a whole lot of time to zone out. The $9.99 USD a-month app provides timed meditations that range from three to five minutes long, and also allows you to create custom reminders to help keep you in a positive frame of mind throughout the holi-daze.

4. Breethe

If you’re still on the fence about meditation, then the Breethe app (formerly OMG! I Can Meditate) is the app for you. Sign up for a free 14-day trial and pick from a  plethora of life event-focused meditations—think: weight loss, insomnia, and work performance—so you can save your extra cash for gift shopping before enrolling in the $12.99 USD a month premium plan.

5. Stop, Breathe, & Think

If you’re hoping to find Zen in a pinch, Stop, Breathe, & Think has you covered. The app prompts you to take just 10 seconds to reflect on your current emotional state—and then offers a slew of meditations suited to your mindset. Available on iTunes for $9.99 USD a month, this app will help you refocus your energy in no time.

6. Buddhify

Designed for people who have little to no time to meditate, Buddhify is a $4.99 USDmonth app that provides an assortment of relaxing—but super short—meditations that you can easily squeeze into your everyday routine (such as scrolling through your Facebook feed and eating.)

Staying zen throughout the holidays isn’t easy. Next time you feel overwhelmed by the stress of the season, try refocusing your energy with a meditation app on your mobile and learn how to take your mind to a peaceful place real quick.