Behind the Tiny Home Movement: An Interview with Heather Fritz of Fritz Tiny Homes

by Janis Blonde

At Haven Mattress Co., we’re all about quality sleep and intentional living, which is why we’re excited to share the inspiring story of Kevin and Heather Fritz, the visionary duo behind a burgeoning tiny home movement. In our Faces of Haven, we delve into their journey, their passion for high-end finishes, and why they’ve chosen Haven Mattress Co.'s HIBER mattresses for their tiny homes.

Fritz Tiny Homes - HIBER Mattress

Building Dreams from the Ground Up

Kevin Fritz began his career as a custom stairs and railing designer in ultra-high-end homes in Edmonton while Heather worked in marketing. Despite their professional success, they longed to work on the pursuit of their own dream. 

"We knew deep down that we wanted to create something of our own," Heather recalls. "It was a long train of needing change and wanting something we could do together."

Their journey into the tiny home movement was born out of this desire. With a passion for high-end finishes, they risked it all to start their business. They built their first tiny home model in their backyard, which quickly gained traction on social media and the Apple News App, validating their contribution to the movement.

"The toughest thing we’ve ever done, but the most rewarding," Heather reflects. "It takes so much grit and persistence, but we’ve landed on something we’re so passionate about and proud of."

Fritz Tiny Homes - Haven HIBER Mattress

The HIBER Experience

At the heart of their tiny homes is a commitment to quality and intentionality, which extends to every product they use in their builds.  Kevin and Heather discovered the HIBER mattress through Haven Mattress Co., and it was love at first sleep.

"Our Haven is the best mattress Kevin and I have ever slept on. We travel a lot, and we always look forward to coming home to our Haven. It provides the most restful sleep, which is crucial."

HIBER6 Tiny Home Mattress

To ensure they could genuinely stand behind the HIBER6 Tiny Homes Mattress by Haven, Kevin and Heather slept on it for 2-3 weeks on the floor in their master bedroom. Now, they use both Haven and HIBER mattresses in their tiny homes.

"When you’re working in a loft, every square inch matters. That’s the difference between being able to sit up in bed or not," Heather explains.

With the HIBER6, having a 6” profile while maintaining the comfort, quality, and support sleepers can expect from a taller mattress, they are able to provide elevated sleep experiences in small spaces.  

"Sleeping on a HIBER is like sleeping on a cloud. It envelops you. We love the integrity with which it’s made and sourced. It’s amazing to see design and technology come together with the same passion and values." 

Fritz Tiny Homes - HIBER Mattress

Tiny Home Living: Intentional and Sustainable

We asked Heather what she wanted our readers to understand about the benefits of tiny home living. For Heather, tiny home living is about more than just downsizing; it’s about aligning their home with their values. Their designs feature large windows to connect homeowners to nature, bringing the outside in.

"Tiny home living is freedom," Heather says. "It’s choosing to align your home more intentionally with what matters to you. We’re downsizing our lives so that we can focus more on what’s important."

Sustainability is also a core value for them. Tiny homes significantly reduce the carbon footprint and can access locations where traditional homes cannot, such as the side of a mountain. This makes them the perfect solution for remote living, combining beautiful design and luxury with functionality.

"It’s neat to see how tiny homes serve so many people, allowing them to live a functional and intentional life”.

Heather and Kevin Fritz

Follow Their Journey

Kevin and Heather are sharing their journey on Instagram, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses into tiny home living. They’re also expanding their offerings, with five soon-to-be six tiny home models available on their website.

We’re proud to support Kevin and Heather’s mission with our HIBER mattresses and can’t wait to see where their journey takes them next. Follow their story and discover the beauty of tiny home living, one intentional step at a time.

For more insights, updates, and behind-the-scenes stories, make sure to follow Kevin and Heather Fritz on Instagram and explore their website for their latest tiny home models.