Dr. Oz Shares some advice on safer sleeping

by Ryan Gallagher

Getting a better night’s sleep is one of the top New Years resolutions for 2019. And one little-discussed part of a better night’s sleep is safety. However, search for “safer night’s sleep” and all the internet returns is a bunch of articles about putting babies to sleep on their backs. Too bad, because there are several steps adults can take to have a safer night’s sleep and if you know you’re sleeping more safely, chances are you’ll sleep more soundly.

Sleep With Your Bedroom Door Closed

You are more likely to die in a fire at home than anywhere else, according to FEMA. And if that fire breaks out at night while you are sleeping, your chances of survival are even slimmer as you battle grogginess and darkness. Underwriters Laboratories conducts all sorts of fire safety testing and says you have three minutes or less to escape a house fire these days. That’s compared to 17 minutes, decades ago, before open floor plans and other factors caused our homes to burn faster.  People often ask themselves “what would I take with me in a fire?” The correct answer is not photo albums or financial documents or any other possession. The only thing you have time to do is grab your family members —and go. Fortunately, there is a simple —and free— step you can take to give yourself more time and drastically increase your chances of surviving an overnight fire. UL says to simply keep your bedroom door closed while you sleep. Smoke usually kills people before flames do and, keeping your bedroom door closed keeps the smoke and heat at bay far longer, giving you critical time to evacuate safely.