Faces of Haven: Meet Sammy Sylvester

by Janis Blonde

In the spirit of May's celebration of motherhood, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Sammy Sylvester, an extraordinary mother who is busy enjoying the adventure of motherhood while undertaking a complete home renovation in the beautiful Okanagan Valley!

The kids have both said the best part about the new house is finally having their own rooms. First thing on my list was mattresses for them."

Nestled in the heart of a cozy 90's home undergoing a transformation, Sammy has embarked on a quest for the perfect sleep solution for her little ones. Enter Haven's Lux Pillowtop Hybrid Mattresses, a haven of comfort, support, and rejuvenation that has revolutionized bedtime in the Sylvester household.

Faces of Haven: Sammy Sylvester

Sammy and her kids have fallen in love with the unparalleled support and comfort these mattresses provide, turning bedtime into a cherished moment of peace and relaxation.

And as any parent of little ones knows all too well, the countless nights spent nestled in their children's beds underscore the importance of a quality mattress. Truly, investing in a quality mattress proves to be a win-win for everyone.

“They are sleeping so well, so it’s a win for the entire family.”


Sammys family's first experience with Haven was selecting the mattress for their camping trailer. After discovering how comfortable and restorative their Haven was, Sammy knew Havens were a perfect choice for her children's new bedrooms. 

“They use premium materials, excellent breathability and support, their sustainable, eco-friendly, Canadian made and bonus, you’re also supporting local.”

Join us in honouring Sammy and all the incredible mothers who strive to create havens of comfort and love for their families, one good night’s sleep at a time. 

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