Five Reasons to Sleep in the Buff


Sleeping naked has many benefits that go beyond the surface of your sleepy skin. Just beneath the surface your endocrine system is working away and your buff bod is increasing cortisol regulation. The reason this happens is because your body is regulating its own temperature within the optimal range. If you are sleeping hot your cortisol levels will be heightened, even when you wake up. High cortisol attributes to increased anxiety, unhealthy cravings, and decreased motivation.

Another benefit of this increased internal heat regulation is actually weight loss. Your body contains tissues called "brown fat", which generate heat by burning calories. While you snooze in the comfort of your skin, your internal organs are sitting around the campfire of your burning fat. Sounds like a win-win to me. 


Most sex happens naked, so it's no small surprise that sleeping next to your partner in your birthday suits helps set the mood. Additionally, the skin on skin contact that you are getting stimulates the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Increased levels of oxytocin actually play a key role in pair bonding (I'm looking at you, monogamists!). Oxytocin will contribute to you feeling more positively about yourself and your partner which will contribute to heightened compatibility.

Finally, all this extra time spent nude and acquainted with your bare bod will make you more comfortable. Being comfortable in your skin both alone and with a partner will increase your confidence. This boost will gradually spill over into your clothed life and over time will result in greater success and happiness


Stop spending hundreds of dollars a year on pyjamas. Forget the many extra loads of laundry to clean those pyjamas. Sleeping in the jammies your mother gave you is easier on the eyes and your wallet over time.

Consider the fact that since you won't be sweating through your fleeces while you sleep, you won't need to shower greasy hair. Women may know this a little more than men, but a shower in the morning can mean an added 30 minutes at least to your morning routine. Sleeping cool and nude helps ensure that you'll get an extra day out of that last shampoo.



We all do it: get home from work, get into the most comfortable clothes possible, hang around until bedtime and climb in. Imagine how productive you could be if you skipped the lounge-wear? You might be more inclined to accept an offer to go out for beers, or head to the gym, or get some errands done that you just don't feel like doing.

By sleeping naked, you eliminate the middle (and lazy) man or woman in your evening routine. Stay in your day clothes until you're ready to sleep and you'll find yourself more prepared to get things done.

Jump into bed, jump back out of bed, no more of the in-between lounge-around in the night or in the morning.

Get going!


Slip out of your tight shirt or crisp denim and into the coolness of your waiting bed, maybe with an extra comforter on top for increased weight and coziness. No more waking up tangled in nightgowns or smothered by too-hot sweats and over-sized t-shirts. 

Imagine you have embraced being naked in bed, the cortisol-induced cuddles with your partner and your body working away fat while regulating your temperature. 

How does that sound, are you yawning yet?