7 Must-Read Self-Care Tips

by Kayleigh Haven Info


Hey you! Let’s put down the to-do lists, goals and endless chatter about hustling for a minute, take a step back and check-in with yourself.

When was the last time you took a day to just relax and recuperate?


This time of year it is so easy for us to add a million things to our schedule in the name of self-improvement, but have you actually stopped to think about one of the most important things?




If you don’t take care of yourself, take time for rest, relaxation and healing, you will eventually be so burnt out and depleted that you’ll crash and burn.


How about instead of adding more things to our schedule, we focus on what our body really needs for us to function at an optimal level.


Here at Haven, we have decided to put a twist on the traditional self-care tips. Ours will be focused on restorative activities that you are able to do from the comfort of your own bed.



For the love of sleep - self-care


  1. Buy yourself some fresh cut lavender and place it on your night stand
  2. Each morning when you wake up write a list of all the things you are grateful for
  3. Every night, right before bed listen to a meditation to help calm your mind and prepare you for sleep
  4. Instead of watching hours of tv, grab a book and your favourite tea and lounge in bed for a few hours
  5. Snuggle up with your honey or four-legged friend
  6. Make it a priority to get eight hours of sleep
  7. Spend 10 minutes doing yoga for sleep, done all from the comfort of your bed