How To Iron Sheets

by Dair Rose

While we love the relaxed vibe of a soft, rumpled bed, sometimes we crave the luxury of freshly-ironed sheets. Yes, ironing your bed linens may seem like a hassle, but it’s worth treating yourself from time to time. And trust us, the extra effort will pay off...when done right, you’ll feel like you’re falling asleep in a five-star hotel room. To help make this task easier, we’ve rounded up the best steps for achieving the crispest results, below.

1. Start with damp sheets

Tumble dry your sheets and remove while they’re still on the damp, but not wet, side—this will make smoothing out wrinkles infinitely easier.

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2. Use starch 

A starch spray will ensure your sheets feel crisp, but not stiff, and also preserve their wrinkle-free state for longer, which will also give your sheets a subtly fresh scent.

3. Make it hot

Combat those creases with a nice high temp, but always test out a small section first. You don’t want to go so hot that you scorch the fabric. The cotton and steam setting is a safe bet for cotton sheets.

4. Keep water on hand

Use water from a spray bottle for stubborn creases. Spritz the problem area and stretch it out with your hands before ironing (hint: this is also a good trick for when you don’t have time for a full iron job, though bear in mind, you won’t get the same immaculate finish).

 5. Fold the top sheet 

Bring that top sheet down to a manageable size by folding it in half or in thirds, with the hem running along your right or left side. Make sure you fold crosswise so the creases won’t show, and work in sections, flattening out any wrinkles with your hands before ironing.

6. Tuck the fitted sheet

Tuck one elasticized inside-out corner into the other, then secure over the end of the ironing board. Work in sections, similar to the way you did with the top sheet, and make sure to steer clear of the edges—the heat may impact the effectiveness of the elastic.

7. Remember the pillowcases 

It may seem like a small thing, but resting your head on a silky smooth pillowcase feels just dreamy—it’s the perfect finishing touch.

One last little tip (and this one’s optional)—we find that having a favorite show or podcast on in the background is a great way to make this task feel, well, a little less like a chore, and dare we say, even fun. Now, fire up those irons and prepare yourself for an amazing sleep!