How to Tackle Nighttime Waking

by Carly Sullivan

Tired of, and tired from waking up during the night & having trouble getting back to sleep? You aren't alone! Statistics show that  69% of men ages 40 and older and 76% of women in that age group get up to go to the bathroom at least once per night. This ins't the only one cause for night waking, some might be waking due to anxiety, sleep apnea, indigestion, pain and discomfort and the list goes on! 

We asked Jillian Mariani, a good friend of Haven, how to combat night waking and she's generously shared her tried and true formula below. 


Jillian also happens to be the founder, and general manager of Niyama Wellness, a Sleep Coach, a certified Yoga Teacher and has a Nutritional Management diploma. It's safe to say when it comes to sleep and wellness, Jillian knows what she's talking about!  

Many of us are now struggling with night waking – here’s what I recommend for getting back to sleep:

  1. Take a second capsule of Sleep Like Buddha, which is melatonin-free.  
  2. Take 10 long, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Make the inhales to a count of 4 and the exhales to a count of 7.  Then count backwards from a high number, like 750.  If you get to 600 and you are still awake, move to step 2.
  3. Get out of bed and go to a different room.  Your bed is for sleeping; when you toss and turn and “try” to sleep it becomes a stressful place, not a restful one. Do something relaxing like reading a dull book with a small reading light, knitting or meditating.  No screens please and keep lights dim! Don’t return to bed until you feel sleepy.
  4. Avoid looking at your phone or the clock.  Checking your phone exposes you to blue light which messes with your melatonin levels.  Clock-watching is just stressful and makes getting to sleep harder. It does you no good to “count down” the hours left to sleep.
  5. When you get back in bed, do a muscle-relaxing body scan. This is where you lay in bed with eyes closed and progressively tense and relax each muscle in your body from head to toe, one muscle group after another. You can go back up from your toes to your head too.
  6. Start backward counting from 750 again.  Repeat as needed, and do not just stay in bed tossing and turning.

As with any supplement, read & follow full directions and check with your health practitioner if you have questions. For many, they help on the first night, but for others, it may take more time. Our brains and sleep issues differ, so while these nutrients work for about 95% of those that try, it may take longer for some.

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