Interior Design Tips for Your Bedroom By Suzanne Kryton Designs

Are you looking to turn your bedroom into your sanctuary? We've asked Suzanne Kryton of Suzanne Kryton Designs to share some interior design tips for making the most out of your sleep space. Take a look!

Your bedroom is one of the most used rooms in your home.  It is where you start and end your day, and having a beautifully designed bedroom can definitely make it more enjoyable to be in, but did you know it can also help you sleep better?  Here are my 5 Interior Design tips to help you sleep better!

1. Get a High Quality mattress

Of all the furniture and design elements to invest in when designing your bedroom, your mattress should be number 1 on your list! You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so a mattress is definitely worth the investment! And if you’re spending 1/3 of your life sleeping on it, it better be made of quality materials. Haven Mattresses are made with plant based materials so you can sleep easy knowing that you are not breathing in harmful chemicals. You will also be lowering your ecological footprint just by buying a Haven Mattress. 

2. Choose the Right Furniture


Bigger is not always better when it comes to bedroom furniture.  Choose furniture that is the appropriate size for your space.  If you have a smaller room opt for a queen sized bed instead of a king, it will make the room feel less cramped and encourage more snuggling with your partner. Win win! Nightstands and dressers are also a must have for a functional bedroom.  When your personal items can all have a place to be tucked away in, you’ll feel so much more relaxed without all the visual clutter and you will be able to sleep easier.

3. Opt for a Soothing Color Scheme 

Choose a color palette that is relaxing and neutral.  For a bedroom try to stick with neutral tones like whites or greys.  If you want a color, try to find one that has muted undertones so that it still feels peaceful.  For example a greyish blue instead of a bright blue. Generally cool tones like blues or greens are a great option if you are wanting some color.  The color blue is actually proven to lower your blood pressure, slow down your heart rate and reduce anxiety. 

4. Make it Smell Good


In Interior Design there is so much focus on the visual elements that the sense of smell can sometimes be overlooked, but aromatherapy can have a huge impact on how you feel within a space.  Candles can contain harmful chemicals, so I recommend using essential oils in a diffuser.  Having a certain smell within your bedroom can help you relax and some oils such as Lavender and Cedarwood actually help you sleep deeper and longer. 

5. Add Layers of Lighting


Lighting is key to good design and good sleep.  Include layers of lighting in your room that allow for different moods and relaxation.  This can be done through having lamps on your nightstand for evening reading and dimmable bulbs in your overhead lighting.  Another good thing to consider is having blackout shades to block out the sunlight and let you sleep longer.

So there you have it! If you’re in need of better sleep I hope you’ll try these 5 tips to create a well designed bedroom and enjoy better sleep because of it!

Suzanne is an Interior Designer and the creator behind Suzanne Kryton Designs.  She lives in Edmonton Alberta, where she offers Interior design and styling services for local and online clients.  Suzanne will help you bring your home design vision to life by creating a custom room design that is specific to your style.  Follow along with her design projects on Instagram and Facebook.

Photos by Brock Kryton.