Haven Sleep Co. Celebrates International Day of Yoga with yoga for humanity

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June 21st is International Day of Yoga and falls on the summer solstice which is the day with the most sun out of the year. International Yoga Day is a day to support your mind and body and encourage spiritual growth. Take some time out of your day to support your wellness and try some new yoga poses!


The word yoga means to unite or to join, here at Haven Sleep Co. we understand the importance of uniting each other and supporting each individual's wellness journey. Yoga grounds you and centers your body and your intentions. Being open and participating in this year's International Yoga Day will help you alleviate stress and improve mind and body connection.

International Day of Yoga Theme

The 2022 International Day of Yoga theme is Yoga for Humanity. This theme was selected by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. As COVID-19 was experienced across the entire globe and lockdowns were imposed causing severe mental health implications, this theme is to portray how yoga helped those during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. During lockdowns yoga was used to alleviate suffering. This theme was chosen after much deliberation in hopes to bring people together and build unity among people across the world.

Ways You Can Participate

You can participate in International Day of Yoga in so many ways! Use these ideas for inspiration on how to partake!


1) Find a free class in your area: During this time lots of yoga studios or instructors offer free classes. Explore different studios and teachers and find the perfect one for you! Remember that everyone has different abilities and yoga classes are tailored to each individual. 


2) Celebrate in the work space: If you work in the office or even at home, take some breaks from sitting at your desk all day and move your body. Or even organize an office wide event for a group yoga session. 


3) Enjoy meditation: Yoga can also be celebrated through meditation and breath work. Focusing on these things and bringing yourself in 


4) Splurge on yourself: Buy that new yoga mat or active wear set you’ve been eyeing lately.It's important to feel good in what you are wearing and trust the equipment you are using. 

Join one of our Yogis

Dianne Bondy

Use this video as inspiration and join our affiliate Dianne Bondy in a get ready for bed yoga routine! Dianne is a is an author, disruptor, consciousness shifter, joy seeker and featured teacher on Yoga International. She is known for her inclusive approach and mission to make yoga accessible to all. 



Dominique Gauthier


Follow along with Dominique Gauthier as she takes you through 5 poses to achieve better sleep. No matter what stage your health and wellness journey is at, its important to start it off on the right foot and feel encouraged while doing so!


Click here to read Dominiques blog post! 

Amy Stubbs 


Amy Stubbs is a Yogi that will explain the healthy and natural benefits of yoga. Follow along with her and learn how to centre yourself and lower health risks. Or watch her video on how to complete a lower body yoga stretch. Best thing is you wont even have to leave your bed!


Watch Video Here!


Read article here to learn more!

Things to Remember 

On June 21st 2022, remember to take time to yourself and enjoy the celebrations of International Day of Yoga. This day is celebrated across the globe by millions so reach out to your closest friends and family and participate together in the unlimited benefits yoga has to offer! Happy International Day of Yoga from the Haven Sleep Co. family!