Is It Time to Replace Your Old Mattress?

by Kayleigh Haven Info

You might have noticed you're not exactly getting the good quality sleep that you used to. Don't worry, we’ve all been guilty of hanging on to things a little too long!



Can’t remember when you purchased your current mattress? No problem, here are a few signs you might be due for an upgrade:


    • Waking up with aches and pains - If you find yourself waking up every day with neck, shoulder and back pain, your mattress may no longer be giving the proper support you need. Over time and use, your mattress will eventually lose its ability to support your body. Waking up in pain every morning is not something you need to get used to.


        • Sagging - If you find yourself rolling into the middle of the bed every night this may be a sign that the foam is starting to soften too much, or the fibres in other materials have compressed. Another sign - when you get out of bed your mattress no longer quickly returns to its normal appearance.


            • Aggravated Allergies - If you are waking up every morning with a runny nose, watery eyes and a headache, your mattress might be to blame. There are some natural materials ( such as natural latex and bamboo) that can help prevent the buildup of allergens. Perhaps there's something to consider when you're ready to purchase a new mattress.


                • Struggling to find a comfortable position - If you find yourself tossing and turning on a regular basis this is a definite sign that your mattress lacks proper support. If people find themselves waking up throughout the night, often an old mattress is to blame.


                    • Sleeping better away from home - If you are starting to notice that your quality of sleep improves every time you sleep on a different mattress, it might be time to rethink the one you have at home. Let’s say you’ve noticed you are waking up with back pain on a regular basis. If a few nights at a hotel results in zero pain in the morning, it's time for an upgrade.


                      Eventually, there comes a time where we finally have to admit it’s time to upgrade the old and outdated to something new and improved.  

                      If have no idea where to start, let us help you upgrade. You can contact us at 1 (844) 694-2836 or and one of our sleep specialists will be happy to help you find the perfect fit for your needs!