Make Your Bedroom a Winter Haven! 5 Tips by Designer Amanda Shields

by Guest Blogger

You’ll be bedazzled by these must-try cozy bedroom ideas, courtesy of Amanda Shields Interiors.

A master bedroom with a shaggy white rug and a pop art frame on the wall

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s how important our dwellings are. Extended time indoors, plus uncertainty in the outside world, means we should feel happy and comfortable at home.

Winter here in Canada, coupled with a pandemic, has us wanting to curl up inside more than ever before. And what better place to feel cozy than starting with the bedroom.

Cozy. The word is small, compact and cute – an onomatopoeia, if you will – making us think of being nestled, protected and warm.

I believe our interior well-being and the interiors of our homes are powerfully connected. That’s why I strive to bring calm and joy to my clients’ emotional health through beautiful and thoughtful interior design.

While everyone’s design preferences vary, it’s safe to say we all need a relaxing, inviting place to lay our heads.

To achieve serenity both internally and externally, here are my tried and true tips for making any bedroom a perfect “haven.”

1. Layered Lighting

Simply put, lighting affects mood. To create a soft, warm atmosphere, layer your lighting instead of one main light source. Think two bedside lamps, a ceiling fan light, and if you have space, a floor lamp. Putting a dimmer on your switch is key, too. Believe it or not, my personal fave is a simple Himalayan salt lamp. I love how its low light and pink hue warms any room or hallway.

A beautiful bedside table and white lamp adjacent to a salt lamp

2. Soft Colour Palette

Soft, muted paint colours are the perfect backdrop for a calm, comforting and cozy sleeping space. Neutral, pastel or earth tones, from wall to window treatments, are the way to go. Extend these colour choices into the artwork you hang in your bedroom. Lately, I’ve been adding a pop of green here and there. Leafy green shades found in nature bring the calming effect of the outdoors, inside.

A beautiful bedroom with green flowered wallpaper and photos on the wall, and a throw blanket on the edge of the bed

3. Layered Window Coverings

Like lighting, layered window coverings create a softness while also making the most of natural light. Choose blinds or shades that allow sunlight as well as block street lamp light from intruding into your personal space. Then layer with soft curtains. If you’re feeling especially decadent I say go for blackout curtains.

A cute plant in eccentric grey vase nested on a wooden dresser by the window

4. Cozy Accents

Now we’re really getting to the fun parts! The next two tips are where the magic happens. Just like how a few simple accessories can pull an outfit together -- a belt or a pair of shoes-- so do the right accents. A rug and a soft throw will do the trick. Right now I’m slightly obsessed with Haven’s weighted throw, on a cold winter’s night it will be the perfect cuddle companion (don’t tell that to my husband.)

Cushions and pillows covered in textured bedding that is navy, white, grey and green

5. Better Bedding

I promised you magic and fun in the last section, which brings me to the joy of a good mattress. No matter how calm and cozy your sleeping quarters look, if you’re not getting a good night’s rest then what’s the point? This year, we introduced Haven mattresses into the Shields household and my family of four couldn’t be more thrilled-- and well-rested. Right now our Haven mattresses are wrapped in flannel sheets for that added comfort on a cold winter’s night.

A Haven Mattress nestled in a soft green fabric-covered frame. Other design elements in the background.


I promise with these simple tips will make a world (or cocoon!) of difference. In need of a bigger overhaul? Contact me at Amanda Shields Interiors.