Not all foams are created equal

by Kellie Amis
This morning I was thinking about the vast range of foams that are available in the bedding industry and was shocked at the levels of quality offered.

As a buyer for Haven Mattress Company, I am presented with many companies offering their products. For example, we have been testing out quality CertiPur certified pillows in the hopes of adding one to our line. This process is in its 8th month and frankly I am overflowing with pillows that I have found either too dense, too soft, too hot or just didn’t like the smell. I mean I have to lay my head on it each night and breath in whatever it is made of. I don’t take this lightly at all. The pillows that I have tried would all range in price of $99 to $325 and come from reputable manufacturers here in North America. So this morning as I was going through and cleaning up my email I noticed many suppliers offering me “memory foam pillows” at a price of $5....yes, FIVE dollars. I can’t even imagine what this foam might have added to it, or the chemical off-gassing that it would produce. These suppliers say they are working with other major brands and cutting their costs dramatically.

Ethically, I can not and will not go there. If I wouldn’t sleep on it myself or have my own family sleep on it you will never see it in our lineup. Profit is, of course, important to sustain a business but not at the cost of our customer's health and wellbeing.

Make informed choices, choose mattresses and pillows that contain no artificial fillers or are “virgin material”, are CertiPur certified and sourced in North America.

You spend 1/3 of your life in your bed, so make sure it’s healthy and contributing to your wellbeing.

Thanks for listening and sweet dreams for all 💙💤