Patriots, Tom Brady. The secret of performance... is in the recovery

by Mike Straus

Tom Brady and Under Armour produce a $400 pair of PJ's that features the same body recovery tech found woven into every Haven mattress.  The recovery technology is delivered through a bioceramic print lining the inside of the fabric; it absorbs body heat, stores it, and reflects far-infrared energy back to you while you sleep.

I know, I know, it sounds like wacky sci-fi stuff, so I spoke with some experts. That energy conversion is key, says Jordan Russ, senior product line manager for Athlete Recovery at Under Armour. It’s not the same as just wearing more layers and staying hot. “One of the biggest detractors to a sound and restful sleep is overheating,” Russ says, “Far-infrared is, for the most part, a heatless energy. It is not reflecting heat back to you, but it reflects that far-infrared energy that results in better sleep and faster recovery.”

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