Plant-based foams and vegan manufacturing deliver a cleaner sleep alternative

by Scott Amis

Sleep plays a vital role in our overall health and wellbeing, but did you know that your mattress can affect the quality of your sleep? Traditional mattresses often contain chemicals and toxins that can harm your health and the environment. Fortunately, there's a cleaner and healthier sleep option available: Haven mattress.

Designed and crafted in Canada with organic materials and zero off-gassing, Haven mattress promises a truly exceptional sleeping experience. It's the perfect choice for those who prioritize their health and the environment.

Haven Mattress - the clean and natural choice

Key Takeaways

  • Haven mattress uses organic materials and zero off-gassing for a cleaner sleep environment.
  • It's designed and crafted in Canada with exceptional quality and materials.
  • Haven mattress is an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for your sleep.
  • Experience a healthier and more comfortable sleep with Haven mattress.
Haven Mattress: The Clean and Natural Choice

Haven Mattress: The Clean and Natural Choice

When it comes to choosing a mattress, it's important to consider not only your comfort but also the impact of your purchasing decision on the environment. With Haven mattress, you can rest easy knowing you're making a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. Haven mattress is crafted with organic and renewable materials, including plant-based foams and a short-supply chain, all of which contribute to a cleaner environment both inside and outside of your home.

One of the most notable advantages of Haven mattress is its zero off-gassing. Unlike traditional mattresses that can emit harmful chemicals into the air, Haven mattress uses organic materials that promote healthier sleep. By choosing a mattress that avoids the use of off-gassing chemicals, you can reduce your exposure to potential health risks and create a cleaner sleeping environment.

The plant-based foams used in Haven mattress offer additional benefits. These foams are not only more environmentally friendly but also provide exceptional pressure relief, making for a more comfortable sleep experience. Additionally, the renewable materials used in the mattress reduce our environmental footprint and support a more sustainable future.

Haven mattress offers a short-supply chain, which means that the materials used in its construction are sourced from nearby locations, reducing transportation impact and supporting local economies. The mattress is proudly made in Canada, with exceptional attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

By choosing Haven mattress, you're prioritizing your health, comfort, and the environment. Not only will you enjoy a better night's sleep, but you'll also know that you've made a cleaner, more sustainable choice

Havens are designed and made in Canada

Canadian Quality and Convenience

At Haven, we prioritize your health and ensure exceptional quality by proudly making our mattresses in Canada. This commitment to craftsmanship and materials allows us to offer our customers a truly exceptional sleep experience.

In addition, we understand that convenience is key for our customers. That's why we offer our Haven mattresses in a compact box, delivered straight to your doorstep. With this easy setup process, you'll be able to enjoy the comfort and benefits of a Haven mattress right away.



Experience the difference of a cleaner and healthier sleep with Haven mattress. Its use of organic materials and zero off-gassing sets it apart as a superior choice for those seeking a cleaner sleep environment. Embrace the Canadian quality and convenience of Haven mattress, knowing that you've made a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your sleep. Rest easy, Canada!


What materials are used in the Haven mattress?

The Haven mattress is crafted using organic materials, ensuring a cleaner and healthier sleep environment.

Does the Haven mattress emit any off-gassing chemicals?

No, the Haven mattress is designed with zero off-gassing, meaning you won't be exposed to any harmful chemicals while you sleep.

What sets the Haven mattress apart from other mattresses?

The Haven mattress stands out due to its use of plant-based foams and renewable materials. With a short-supply chain, it offers a more sustainable and cleaner sleep option.

Is the Haven mattress made with Canadian quality?

Yes, the Haven mattress is proudly made in Canada, guaranteeing exceptional craftsmanship and materials for a superior sleep experience.

How is the Haven mattress delivered?

The Haven mattress is delivered straight to your doorstep in a compact box for easy setup and installation.