10 Benefits to Adjustable Bed Frames and How it Impacts your Health 2022

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10 Health Benefits of Using An Adjustable Frames

If you're looking for a new mattress, you may be wondering if an adjustable frame is worth the investment. Adjustable frames offer a number of health benefits besides the comfort for a good night's sleep, which is why they've become so popular in recent years. Here are 10 health benefits of adjustable frames that you should consider.

1. Improves accessibility and independence. Laying down for any length of time can be uncomfortable, but it is even more uncomfortable when you aren't able to move around easily. This can be an issue with individuals who have chronic mobility conditions, are pregnant, or are in postpartum that prevent some people from getting up without assistance - these people will need a comfortable beds around the clock in order accomplish their daily tasks efficiently! When sleeping on an adjustable bed frame, individuals can do various tasks, such as eating and writing, while feeling supported by the proper back position throughout their day. For those who have limited movement in certain parts of body due to illness or injury, power bed frames may aid in independence in moving.


2. Better digestion. If you're one of those people who eat close to bedtime or wake up throughout the night and want a quick bite, lying flat can cause digestion issues. Sleeping on your back also makes it more likely that food will come back up again resulting in heartburn and indigestion which might lead some folks into thinking they have acid reflux disease. When you're feeling under the weather, it's good to take a break and rest in an elevated position. This will help prevent acid reflux as well as aid with digestion while awake!

3. Enhance blood circulation. With every breath, you are taking in more oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide. This exchange keeps your body running smoothly by ensuring that cells get the right amount of nutrients they need to function properly while also eliminating waste products like old blood or other unwanted matter through sweating when we become hot; all this happens naturally thanks to our circulatory system! By adjusting sleep position so head/feet elevated for better circulation , it allows blood flow throughout one's entire physique which can relieve pressure on joints (lessening pain), improve relaxation.


4. Multiple position for different comfort levels. We all know that a good night's sleep is essential for feeling refreshed and alive the next day, but did you also realize how important it can be to find your perfect position? An adjustable bed frame will allow users multiple options in order find their most comfortable sleeping style. Zero gravity positions alleviate pressure from spine while leisurely reading angles provide support without any thought about alignment or positioning!. Or you can adjust the bed so you’re sitting with your feet up can be a great way to watch TV.

5. Helps with Swelling: One of the first things a doctor will tell you if your blood pressure readings are elevated and showing signs for Edema is to elevate your feet. Edema can accumulate fluid between cells and soft tissue causing it some serious health concerns since it is sometimes related to heart failure or kidney damage, ending in serious problems if left untreated for too long- which means you should sleep with your legs elevated above the level of where they lie when at rest!


6. Reduces pain in joints and ligaments: Joint pain is a common problem for people of all ages, but it particularly affects those living with arthritis. An adjustable bed can provide temporary relief from this condition because the goal when dealing Arthritic and other joint disorders isn't just to lessen inflammation - which would be useless without addressing its cause-but also help alleviate pressure on joints by relieving some stress they're under due in large part joint pressure.


It's important not only understand what causes your discomfort so you know how best address them; It may even save time down future medicine cabinets!


Some adjustable beds come with pre set with the most common ergonomic positions, making an easy task getting in and out of bed helping reduce the pressure on your joints.


7. Helps to alleviate back pain: One of the best ways to relieve  back pain is by using an adjustable bed frame. These beds let you dispense with the typical wood or metal legs, allowing for greater mobility and support of your spine as well as relief from any pressure on nerve endings.  This pressure can lead to sciatic nerve, causing a noticeable back pain. By adjusting your bad frame, you can get into a position for an optimal spinal alignment helping alleviate any pressure on your sciatic nerve.


Upper Back Pain can be due any number of reasons, but it’s most commonly related either because the neck has been compressed or crooked all night long while we're trying out different poses during our evening routine; this leads not only being unable get comfortable...


Some adjustable beds even offer lumbar support – specific support just for the lower back.


8. Helps reduce breathing problems: If you're a victim of sleep apnea and/or asthma, an adjustable bed frame can be your best friend. By raising the headboard on this sturdy base at night so it's elevated above flat ground level while sleeping in order to reduce obstruction during snoring episodes or if dusty allergies run rampant throughout springtime season then there will no longer need for him/her breathing deeply through his mouth because he'll have plenty more space on nasal passages now!


Lying flat can cause post-nasal drip which could lead to asthma flare ups. The best way around this problem is by using an adjustable base and sleeping at a more upright position so that your airway stays open, preventing both obstruction of breath as well any tickling sensation in the back of your throat caused from lying down too much.

9. Helps improve sleep and lifestyle. The adjustable bed frame allows for healthier positioning and promotes an enhanced lifestyle in bed. You can play with your settings until you find the most comfortable sleeping position, eliminating all need to stack or shift pillows throughout night! Mattress shopping can be a difficult process, but it is essential to find the perfect match for you. A new adjustable base will allow your mattress and sleeping style meet all of those needs!


10. Helps with discomfort associated with pregnancy. Pregnancy is a tough time for women and it can be hard to find sleep positions that are comfortable. Even with pregnancy pillows, not every woman feels her best during this life-changing event in their lives! Some may even avoid sleeping because they don't like having something taking up room on the bed (like another pillow) or sitting upright all day long - but luckily there's an easy solution: adjustable beds. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sleep positions. You can even change your sitting or lying down position for a more comfortable experience, which will help alleviate aches and pains!

We hope you learned a little bit more about how Adjustable Power Frames can really benefit your overall sleep and wellness. Not only do they help to solve a variety of common sleep problems, but they can also improve your quality of life in a number of other ways as well. Ready to experience all these benefits for yourself?