Racing mind keeping you up at night?

by Adil Abbas

It's pretty much impossible to fall asleep with an endless stream of thoughts racing through your mind.

Running through your day, checking off your list of to-dos, thinking about the groceries you need to pick up and so on.

It's not always clear what causes a racing mind, or why some people suffer more than others.

Some of us struggle with this on a consistent basis, others only deal with it occasionally. There is no one answer that will help everyone, of course, so instead we have included a variety of different suggestions.


How to stop a racing mind at night


'1) Take some time during your day to list off and think about your stressors. After you have them all written down choose some solutions that might reduce or eliminate the stressors all together and write them in another column.

2) Stop using technology about an hour before bedtime. Choose to sit in low lighting and read a book.

3) Put on a sleep meditation to help you unwind and empty your mind.

4) Pick a 20-minute yoga for sleep video. Designed to be done all from the comfort of your own bed.


Consistently choosing to create a healthy bedtime routine should improve the quality of your sleep over time. However, if you continue to struggle please seek out the help of your family doctor.