Style Your Bedroom: 5 Rooms We Love

by Dair Rose

Of all the spaces in your home, bedrooms present perhaps the ultimate marriage of form and function. Though their main purpose, of course, is to foster sleep and relaxation, they can’t very well do that without relying on some kind of positive aesthetic response and feeling of wellbeing to get the job done. (As a point of argument, we dare you to find us one person who simply can’t eat in an ugly kitchen or dining area.) So when it comes to decorating bedrooms, there’s plenty of logistical stuff to keep in mind but also lots of wiggle room for expressing your personal style. These tastemakers seem to have hit on the sweet spot, creating soothing havens that are not only easy on the eyes but also encourage a good night’s rest.  

The Minimalist 

Hannah Bronfman attends some of the most glamorous parties around the world as a celebrity DJ, so it makes sense that her bedroom in New York City is a whitewashed refuge from all the noise. Layering lots of different textures—a mohair throw, sheepskin rug, and crisp cotton linens—helps impart a feeling of comfort rather than sterility in the monochromatic space.

Image by Genevieve Garruppo for Homepolish, via LonnyImage by Genevieve Garruppo for Homepolish, via Lonny

Image via @william_mclure Image via @william_mclure

The New Traditionalist 

Interior designer and Instagram trendsetter William McClure’s airy Birmingham, Alabama, studio gets a dose of mood and depth in the bedroom, where an antique tapestry serves as an unexpected headboard that contrasts with clean white linens and coordinates with a cozy fur throw. 

The California-Cool Girl

Incorporating wood accents adds an organic note in the master bedroom of Los Angeles fashion designer Jenni Kayne. The palette and texture warm up the room’s more contemporary elements, like the modern artwork, streamlined bed platform, and retro Eames recliner.

Image by Jessica Sample for LonnyImage by Jessica Sample for Lonny

Image by William Abranowicz for Architectural Digest Image by William Abranowicz for Architectural Digest

The industrial-Chic Maven 

A makeshift canopy of wool curtains lends a feminine note without overpowering the minimalist aesthetic in the New York City bedroom of actress Meg Ryan. The rough-hewn throw at the end of the mattress ties together the iron accents and dark wood bedframe and adds depth to the all-white linens.

The Tailored Bohemian 

Design blogger Kate Arends of Wit and Delight creates an elegantly dressed down look in her St. Paul, Minnesota, bedroom thanks to perfectly rumpled linen sheets and a worldly assortment of textiles and accessories (see the rug, floor pillow, fur throw, and woven basket).

Image by Kate Arends for Wit and Delight