What is Celliant and how does it benefit YOU?

by Kellie Amis
Lack of sleep can be very frustrating and effect your overall health and wellbeing. Thankfully there are products and materials that can aid in improving your quality of sleep. The Haven Rejuvenate from Haven Mattress Co. made with Celliant fibers is endorsed by numerous medical researchers at top universities for its unique ability to increase blood flow in the body which helps reduce pain and provides a number of other health benefits.

Studies conducted at the University of California Irvine discovered that mattresses made with Celliant fibers were strongly associated with pain reduction it was also confirmed to be beneficial to athletes recovering from sore muscles as well as the average person who may be having sleep issues. Doctors at the University of California, Irvine stated in their report that “Celliant offers the medical community a new tool to improve overnight sleep quality as well as pain reduction”.

The Celliant material is recognized by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical device in Canada and other regions. It is created from natural minerals and embedded into polyester fibers. These fibers absorb the electromagnetic energy that our bodies produce and redistribute it while we sleep. It is this energy that acts as a catalyst for our natural body functions, resulting in the increased flow of oxygen in our blood. The fiber is effective through at least 5 layers of fabric, allowing for sheets, toppers and pajamas.

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