Haven’s Sleep Co. Launches How to Host Shop

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Canadian Brands, Haven Sleep Co. and How to Host, Team Up to Help Airbnb Owners Offer a Better Guest Experience 

Kelowna, BC


Haven Sleep Co., a Canadian eco-friendly mattress online retailer, announced a partnership with property management, How to Host, to offer AirBnB owners a one-stop sleep shop for their properties in the hospitality market. 


How to Host Shop is an online retailer created to help AirBnb owners access affordable, high-quality mattress and bedding products for a comfortable sleep. Offering an incredible sleep experience is vital for achieving 5-star reviews and increasing the number of returning customers to your property. From mattresses to sheets, pillows, and duvet covers, How to Host Shop offers a quick and user-friendly shopping experience for essential sleep products.



AirBnb has quickly grown in popularity in the hospitality industry and many people want to be part of it by either purchasing another property, adding a studio space to their basement, hosting strangers on vacation or doing business rentals. Property owners can generate a substantial flow of income from this platform, but it does come with additional work. This includes cleaning up after guests' rentals, property management, decoration or renovation, legal agreements, promotion, cleaning, etc. How To Host Shop makes this experience easier by offering everything you need for guaranteed better sleep in your rental property.


Scott Amis, founder and CEO of Haven Sleep Co., commented on the How to Host Shop partnership launch. “It is exciting to get into the hospitality industry and be able to help Airbnb owners who find no time for the big task of putting their property appealing and comfortable at the same time for their guests. The idea behind How to Host Shop is to help deliver high-quality products for a great night’s sleep experience at their doorstep one click away from it, all in one place. This is translated into money and time savings!”


Amanda Van Der Lee, founder and CEO of How to Host, also commented on this new partnership. “As professional hosts, we usher thousands of people in and out of our rentals annually. We get a lot of commentary on all aspects of our rentals. One space we always need to excel in is the sleeping environment we provide our guests. Guests come to us for an excellent all-around experience and will likely spend most of their time in our properties resting their heads. Quality bedding and mattresses are essential for good rest and excellent reviews. With the How to Host bedding and mattress line, we've found a way to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices that are both quality tested and an accessible choice for the owner."


How to Host Shop covers many needs of Airbnb property owners, including:


  • Helping property owners access mattresses and bedding that will make a difference in service, save time in shopping, and also offer consistent quality and features. Guest satisfaction is often determined by the quality of their mattress. A good night's sleep can make all other considerations seem pointless in comparison, which means it’s important to provide them comfort when they stay.
  • An online store that offers bedding solutions in a single place and delivered them to the host’s doorstep, saving time and money.
  • Vegan and eco-friendly mattresses, from a renowned Canadian company and an expert in the hospitality industry with more than 50 properties managed on its inventory. Together, both look after their customers offering high-quality products, free shipping, and a 10-year warranty on mattresses.
  •  Sustainable and high-tech materials for optimal temperature control, proper back support, and plant-based materials for naturally antimicrobial and antifungal mattresses.
  • Cutting down both costs and turnover time. Featuring a new “duvetless” way of making our beds will cut down cost in product and the time it takes clean teams to turn over a unit. This results in more money in the host's pocket and the guests' pocket, saving money on cleaning fees and product costs. 


Amanda also mentioned: “We often find guests rest so well they want to take their sleeping experience home with them and purchase our products upon departure. “


Justin and Jillian Harris Pasutto were one of Amanda's first clients with How to Host. They showed her how to set a precedent in quality with the design of their unit and the products used in space. After feeling the Haven mattresses and reading the guest reviews, Amanda knew that these were what she wanted in all of her designs moving forward. From the management down to the bedding and stoneware, Airbnb property owners want to make people feel as if they're at home, yet far away at the same time. 


How to Host shop is now available. Visit howtohostshop.com.


About How to Host: A Okanagan-Based property management company that offers hands-free service for its clients, specializing in the design of lucrative Airbnb properties that includes concierge-style assistance. It is a hands-free service for property owners, including services that go from pricing strategy, cleaning, design, and maintenance, to accounting and bookkeeping and real estate purchase assistance. With over 60 Airbnb properties, from luxury homes to townhouses and condos in the Kelowna area, Peachland, and Bear & Quail golf course.


About Haven Sleep Co.: A Canadian online retailer specializing in handmade, plant-based, eco-friendly, comfortable and supportive mattresses. The company's products possess many certifications, including CertiPUR-US for zero-off gassing and Oeko-Tex certified for non-hazardous materials. Each bed is locally sourced to support the Canadian economy. Haven donates 1 #safehaven mattress for every 10 mattresses sold to a shelter, registered charity or those who are struggling.