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by Taylor Drew

Better sleep is the secret ingredient to tackling your 2022 resolutions

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"Planning on some self-improvements for the new year? You’re not alone. 

While most of us fixate on ways to tackle fitness or career goals, we might be overlooking a key ingredient to achieving our new year’s resolutions: a good night’s sleep.

“It’s about giving your body the best opportunity to rest fully,” says Scott Amis, CEO of Haven Sleep Co. “So whatever goals I’m setting out in 2022, I’m actually giving myself a fair chance to do it.”

Because if you’re yawning by 10 a.m. it’s especially tough to cut down on caffeine or if your feet are dragging after a night tossing and turning, that planned midday jog in the park likely isn’t going to happen.

There’s a direct correlation between the way people feel when they wake up and the choices and decisions they make that day, explains Amis.

This ethos is part of Haven’s vision: Sleep better, live better. 

It’s also helped the Kelowna-based, family-owned business stand out in the ever-growing and crowded boxed-bed market.

Also key, the company offers plenty of individualized options for buyer’s specific needs, including more than 60 different combinations of coil counts, latex and specialty foam layers in standard and RV sizes. 

People can order customized support levels to fit their physical needs and slumber styles, designed to help reduce pressure points in hips and core areas, with an option to add softer zoned layers to help deliver proper spinal alignment.  

They’re also made by hand in Canada and crafted from sustainable, organic and plant-based anti-bacterial and anti-microbial materials, including breathable aerated latex, so they are 100 per cent vegan and cruelty-free. This means no odours or toxins, good for a person’s peace of mind — and the planet.

Kelowna-based senior business advisor James Grieve says he noticed a difference in how he slept immediately and gained a newfound appreciation for the value of slumber.

“I didn’t realize how important a good night’s sleep was until I bought my Haven mattress,” he emphasizes.

He woke up earlier but felt more well-rested than before. The business consultant says this meant he could start his workdays sooner and as a result the mattress paid for itself within a few weeks. 

“I think a good night’s sleep is an investment in the next day,” says Grieve, who describes the mattress as akin to a workout in a box, since sleeping well is energizing. “It springboards me to get going in the morning. It’s been a real game changer.”

This type of positive feedback is encouraging and motivating, says Amis, whose family has been in the mattress business for more than 35 years.

“I read every review that comes into Haven’s website and I’m blown away by the amount of people who say, ‘this bed changed my life’,” says Amis. 

Haven’s also got celebrity fans. HGTV’s contractor-designer duo Bryan and Sarah Baeumler use Haven mattresses at their Bahamas resort. And Canadian design and lifestyle influencer Jillian Harris also enthuses about Haven. 

As part of her “12 Days of Giving” promotion Harris featured the brand in the Day 11 spot, asking people if they were ready to “level up” their sleep. She wrote: “For those of you who have been following me for a while know that I absolutely LOVE our  Haven Sleep Co.  mattresses!”

Harris also pointed to Haven’s charitable work.

Since Haven was founded in 2016, they’ve donated one mattress to charity for every 10 mattresses sold, contributing to organizations like Covenant House, United Way, Mamas for Mamas and Habitat for Humanity.

Mamas for Mamas founder Shannon Christensen speaks to the value of this in a video featured on Haven’s website, emphasizing: “When we can provide a real good sleep to a mom who hasn’t slept in a few months, whether it’s because she’s been in a shelter or just because she had a new baby, you aren’t just giving her a handout, you are giving her a hand up.”

Every mattress Haven donates is made to fit each individual charity’s specifications, part of the social impact company’s SafeHaven Promise supporting better sleep for all."



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