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Your online reviews can make or break your property. Did you know that most guests review their stay quality based on the SLEEP they had?

Turn ZZZ's into 5-star reviews by providing your guests with a sensational sleep. Properties that advertise eco-friendly, Canadian-made, and luxury furnishings attract higher quality guests, and superior R.O.I.

With thousands of repeat customers and 5-star reviews, Haven has the highest loyalty rate of any other mattress brand. What are our customers saying? To summarize, they're getting to sleep faster, and staying asleep longer thanks to Haven.

PLUS, when your guests inevitably rave about your Haven Hospitality property, you can monetize with our affiliate referral program.

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"We love supporting local and giving our guests the opportunity to experience Canadian made products during their stay. We are also uncompromising when it comes to doing our part to preserve the planet. Haven Sleep Co. checked off all the boxes for our guests’ sleep needs - comfort, quality, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial as well as all of our financial and ethical needs - plant materials, cruelty free, Canadian made to order, zero off-gassing, friendly and helpful service, zero waste and affordability. Now we and our guests will be sleeping soundly!"

Parks Creek Retreat // Belleville Ontario

"On behalf of the How to Host team, we are so incredibly excited to build a partnership with a local company that truly see’s our vision. We are here to offer our guests and experience. We want every single part of a guests stay to be five stars and Haven Sleep Co. truly delivers that when it comes to a guests sleeping environment. We strive to support the local economy and deliver unsurpassed quality to our guests, while also focusing on sustainability and environmentally friendly products."

Amanda Van Der Lee // Kelowna British Columbia

"We opened a resort to give people the very best experience, and what better than a great night's sleep. Haven ranked so very well in our research and they totally got the shop local and support BC businesses. Since switching half of our beds out for Havens, (the rest we'll do after C*vid), the guests often comment about the quality of sleep from them."

Muskoka Resort // Ontario
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Fritz Tiny Homes, Spruce Grove AB

GlampGood, South of Edmonton, AB

How to Host, Kelowna, BC

The Official Mattress of the Caerula Mar Club Resort

Featured On HGTV's Hit Show Island Of Bryan

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