How to Get 5-Star Ratings on Airbnb Every Time

by Shopify API

How to Host X Haven Sleep Co.

Amanda from How to Host shares her 5 steps to giving guests a 5-star experience every time.

Step 1: Have a perfectly clean unit.

Something as small as a tiny hair on a bed can throw a guest off for their entire trip. Use quality disinfectants and your level of detail needs to be perfect.

Step 2: A well designed and themed space.

Theming your space is extremely important. You want something that stands out that isn't cookie cutter or anything like what a guest has at home. Make it original, make it have character, and make it have impact.

Step 3: Quality and Durable Furniture. 

Stage your rooms with quality and durable furniture that is stylish, strong, and functional. Cheap furniture is a waste of money because you will most likely have to replace it right away. Your furniture is a direct reflection of the love you put into styling your Airbnb. It needs to stand out and be prominent. 

Step 4: Well equipped for guests.

Ensure your Airbnb is well equipped for your guests. Make sure they have the proper products and necessities needed for their stay so that they can just bring their suitcase and enjoy. Think about things like: baby equipment, laundry detergent, the proper soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Also, a well stocked kitchen.

Step 5: Perfect sleep environment with Haven.

Ensure that the sleeping environment that you provide your guests is perfect. First off, you need to have fresh, white linens that are soft and durable. Second, you need to have a supportive and comfortable pillows. Third, you need to have your Haven mattress. Haven mattresses are made with firmness and support, which is great for all sleeping habits. It's soft, durable, Canadian-made, and all of the materials are locally sourced. 

LUX Hybrid Pillowtop 

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