Haven Sleep Co joins HGTV’s Love It or List It with Hilary & David

by Taylor Drew

Love It or List It continues with Hilary and David through the Canadian market.

Love It or List it is available to stream live on HGTV Canada and U.S or rewatch in Canada on Amazon Prime Video and StackTV and Discovery+ in the U.S.

The episodes air on Mondays at 9:00pm on HGTV U.S and 10:00pm on HGTV Canada.

Haven Sleep Co has been lucky enough to be apart of a few episodes of season 17 of Love It or List It. The first episode aired on Monday, November 29th (1706) and December 13th (1705).

Hilary Farr and David Visentin help homeowners renovate or sell their current homes. Hilary is the designer who transforms their space and David looks into finding them a new home. The goal is to Love It or List It. At the end the current homeowners will decide if they loved Hillary’s designs enough or change their minds and pick a new home that David found.

Hilary Farr loves her Haven (here) .....Would you Love It or List It?

Episode 1706 - Derek & Catarina - Bachelor Pad Overhaul

Aired on November 29th, 2021. Hilary and David help Derek and Catarina Love It or List It.

Catarina has been having a tough time with her husbands home layout and since adding to their family she would like the place to be updated. With the help of Hilary’s design skills the couple decided to Love it and stay  in their newly renovated duplex.

Haven Sleep Co was amongst some amazing companies for this remodel and we are happy to announce they will be sleeping on their own Lux Hybrid Pillowtop Springwall Mattress.

View the Matterport Virutal Tour Here and the Resource Guide Here to see all products used in this renovation.

Episode 1705 - Derek & Sheryl - The 80's Get An Overhaul 

Aired on December 13th, 2021. Hilary and David help Peter and Sheryl Love It or List It. 

When Derek and Sheryl got married he bought his mothers home. Sheryl now feels like the house has never been her own home. Derek hoped Hilary's design would have them love it, while Sheryl hoped David coul find them a new space and list it. In the end the couple decided to love it. 

View the Matterport Virutal Tour Here  to see the final renovation.

Be sure to tune into HGTV Canada or U.S  online to watch an hour long episodes on "Bachelor Pad Overhaul" and “The 80’s get an Overhaul” 

Posted with permission from HGTV Canada.